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Kalkan Property for sale .  Turkish properties apartments and villas for sale in Kalkan . 

Kalkan is a town within Antalya situated on the Mediterranean coast an unspolit tourist destination the air is scented by  bougainvilleas and slopping cobbled streets pathed with charming trinket boutiques and carpet shops the stunning harbour side and beautiful beaches  are truly wonderful – there are few areas in Turkey which can clam the equal beauty of Kalkan. Multiculturally one and the same with Turkish tourist hospitality, Kalkan attracts many visitors from around the world each year. What is it that makes Kalkan so unique ? The reason is that it has retained its original sophisicated character .The magnificent views of Kaputas Beach enchanting into the ocean are plenty to entice people from around the globe to relish in the wonders that Kalkan has to offer.

Established into the panorama of the Taurus Mountains, Kalkan has a great deal to offer both in terms of hidden treasures to explore and activities to try. Local properties have their own authentic style, with carven Ottoman Greek timber terraces a characteristic sight for those roving this memorable town. Saunter through the spiraling streets of the Kalkans town, past the whitewashed buildings and walls down to the waters edge along the marine side. Enjoy the fine  blue waters with the opportunities of boat tours and watersports. Snorkelling is a favorite with visitors and fishing is another relaxing way to recline in  Kalkans sunny days. An plentitude of yachts in the old harbour tesify to the popularity of Kalkan as a fabulous location for sea lovers plus the broadly fishing harbour has a stunning marina. There are many local restaurants presenting you with fine choice places for  dining with a range of budgets, from high cuisine to rustic local flare foods . A resort not known for its wild nightlife, but for elegant romantic evenings Kalkan appeals to a more insightful visitor looking for a town that endorses the traditional Turkish way of life. Harmonious and quaint, the Kalkan harbour is worth a visit alone.

Similarly, Kas is another popular tourist location in closeness to Kalkan that offers an excellent opportunity to buy tasteful local Turkish produce, from almonds grown on the neighbouring hillside to citrus fruits matured under the Mediterranean sun.  Kalkan continues powerful connections within its region without losing its unique composure.

Visiting Kalkan is a wonderful experience,  you can also invest here for life with a nice apartment or a luxury villa which come with amazing sea views and peace of mind . We have a wide range of properties avaliable for sale here at  Armaya Real Estate. Please ask our consultants about Kalkan today and start your search for the perfect home in Turkey. 

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